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Music plays a huge part in life, and if you play poker, you’re going to want good music at some point of your session. Denver’s music scene is fast becoming a launchpad for bands and music artists on their way to making it big. Music from the Mile High City is burning up the charts and selling out concerts all over the world. John Denver, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Earth, Wind & Fire are just a few famous musicians from Denver or Colorado staking claim to the Mile High City as their home.

The Lumineers – “Ho Hey”

One of Denver’s biggest success stories of the past year, this high energy trio has gone from playing tiny clubs in Denver to the Grammys and “Saturday Night Live” overnight. According to the New York Times, their crossover smash hit, “Ho Hey,” has “…reclaimed pop radio.”

The Fray – “How to Save A Life”

For a little while, you couldn’t turn on the radio – or the TV – without hearing this dramatic, inspiring tune, was used on “Grey’s Anatomy” and other television spots.
The Fray’s current album propelled them into the worldwide scene hitting the top 10 in charts over Europe and Asia.

OneRepublic – “Feel Again”

With soaring choruses and Ryan Tedder’s powerful vocals, Colorado’s OneRepublic made radio history with “Apologize,” which received the largest amound of airplay in history with 10,331 plays in one week. “Feel Again” comes from their 2013 release Native.

Dressy Bessy – “Baby Six String”

Dressy Bessy have been longtime fixtures on the Denver music landscape, with rave reviews to their credit. Playing a modernized, revved-up version of British Invasion-style pop, the band boasts tunes that will lodge themselves in your brain for weeks.

Earth, Wind & Fire – “September”

Dance floors still erupt at the first note of this 1978 party anthem. Earth, Wind & Fire has deep roots in The Mile High City – vocalist Phillip Bailey and keyboardist/musical director Larry Dunn are both graduates of Denver’s East High School. In between world tours, Earth, Wind & Fire still make time for regular visits back home.

Devotchka – “How It Ends”

Blending rock, world music, mariachi and a wildly dramatic live show (often featuring belly dancers and trapeze artists), the quartet gained a dovoted Denver fanbase thanks to a prominent gig scoring the Academy Award winning Little Miss Sunshine  soundtrack. DeVotchKa is aother worldwide phenomenon that started in Denver.

Tennis – “Origins”

Tennis’ breezy brand of indie pop has caught the ear of the musical cognoscenti in recent years. The husband-wife duo of Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore bring some sun-kissed, beach-worthy melodies to the otherwise landlocked state of Colorado.

Big Head Todd and The Monsters – “Broken Hearted Savior”

One of the longest-running, most popular, famous bands from Colorado, Big Head Todd and The Monsters have been rocking audiences since the 1980′s. Their 1993 platinum breakthrough, Sister Sweetly, featured this heartfelt tune.

Flobots – “Handlebars”

Offering the righteous mix of hip-hop, rock and political awareness, this Denver band struck gold with “Handlebars,” an infectious 2008 radio hit. Despite their success, the Flobots remain devoted to Denver with the non-profit –, that brings the power of music to classrooms all over Denver.

Paper Bird – “Colorado”

Paper Bird’s joyful, Americana-inspired music – equal parts folk, country and bluegrass, – has been winning over audiences one by one for over five years. This stirring tribute to their home state of Colorado will get you toe tapping, and amped, guaranteed!

Churchhill – “Change”

These roosty rockers have been making waves lately, thanks to an early 2013 appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, the soulful vocals of Bethany Kelly, and this incredibly catchy tune. They’re still playing clubs in Denver, but can a headlining spot at Red Rock be far off?

John Denver – “Rocky Mountain High”

The official state of song Colorado, John Denver’s 1973 tune remains one of the finest odes to the glorious Rocky Mountains ever penned. John Denver loved his namesake city and the city of Denver loved him right back, perhaps best shown by his classic concert film at Red Rocks.

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